RFID roll cage location tracking in warehouse

See how location tracking can improve efficiency and your bottom line

All our roll cages are location tracking ready!

Compact, foldable trolley

Perfect for small format & convenience stores , pharmacies, and warehouses!

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Who said roll cages can't be beautiful?

Don't believe us? Take a look!

  • australian designed

    Aussie Designed!

    For aussie conditions

  • exceptional value

    Great Value!

    Easy on the hip pocket

  • good quality

    Exceptional Quality!


  • family owned business

    Family Owned!

    And operated

All things Roll Cages! That's what we do!

Anteck Industries is a proud Australian family owned and operated business specialising in the design, development, and supply of roll cages, stock replenishment and merchandise cages, and order picking cages. We service a wide variety of industries including retail, logistics & 3PL, warehousing, pharmacies, service stations, liquor and convenience stores - Just to name a few!

With over 45 years of industry experience our range of products are fit for purpose, robust, and affordable. We are the one-stop-shop for all your roll cage needs! If we don't have it - let us know via our contact page!

How our roll cages will benefit you!

At our core, we prioritise safety, durability, quality, and affordability. Our commitment extends beyond functionality to include rich features and numerous standard inclusions.

Safety is paramount, ensuring peace of mind for your team and customers.

This philosophy defines us, delivering unmatched value!

  • roll cage safety hand protection

    Safety first

    Safety is always at the forefront of our design principles.

    Our Z and A base frame models include hand protection for the user - avoiding scrapes, bumps and impacts.

  • roll cage braked total locking castors

    Braked castors

    To ensure utmost safety and stability, our roll cages come equipped with braked locking castors as standard!

    Providing secure mobility and peace of mind.

  • Location tracking ready

    All of our roll cage trolleys are location tracking ready.

    Optimise your roll cage utilisation, prevent asset loss, and increase operational efficiency.

  • roll cage door locked with a pad lock

    Safe and secure

    Our roll cages offer the added security of pad-lockable doors!

    Helps to ensure the safety and protection of your merchandise at all times.

  • roll cage highly visible bright coloured parts

    Be seen

    Stop wasting time searching for your roll cages.

    For efficiency and warehouse safety, our roll cages are fitted with bright, highly visible parts

  • nesting and folding roll cages save space

    Space Saving

    Our roll cages are ingeniously designed to nest or fold.

    Maximizing floor space efficiency and optimizing storage convenience for your operational needs.

Product Spotlight

folding roll cage. product spotlight

Versatile compact foldable roll cage

Foldable roll cage featuring small footprint suited to stores with confined spaces and limited storage. Perfect roll cage for all types of retail and warehouse tasks.

  • Stock replenishment.
  • Order picking & fulfillment.

Safe for both team member and customer use - ideal for:

  • Click and collect.
  • Direct to boot.

Folds to only 150mm wide!

Commercial Laundries Convenience Stores General Retail Hardware Warehousing Liquor & Breweries Transport, Logistics and 3PL Chemists & Pharmacies
Order Picking & FulfilmentMobile StorageDirect-To-BootStock ReplenishmentClick & CollectSmall or Bulky GoodsMerchandising

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Our most popular roll cages at a glance.

A table comparing the facets of 5 products
Roll cage. RCS01-08. Open doors
Z base roll cage. 4 sided with base and mid shelves. Full height and split doors
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RCS03 roll cage. Isometric
Foldable frame roll cage. 2-sided with base shelf
View details
Roll cage. RCS01-02.
Z base roll cage. 2 sided with base and mid shelves
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Roll cage. RCS01-07. Open doors
Z base roll cage. 4 sided with base and mid shelves. Split doors
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Anteck Industries RCS02-01 A base frame roll cage. Front
A base roll cage. 2 sided with base shelf
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Load Capacity
Load Capacity
Mid shelf
Mid shelf
Full Height & Split Doors
No Doors
No doors
Split Doors
No Doors
750mm(W) x 725mm(D) x 1,750mm(H)
550mm(W) x 780mm(D) x 1,200mm(H)
750mm(W) x 725mm(D) x 1,750mm(H)
750mm(W) x 725mm(D) x 1,750mm(H)
760mm(W) x 800mm(D) x 1,770mm(H)
RCS01 (Z base)
RCS03 (Narrow aisle)
RCS01 (Z base)
RCS01 (Z base)
RCS02 (A base)
$18000 $32500