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Why Roll Cages Are a Safer Alternative to Hand Trucks

Why Roll Cages Are a Safer Alternative to Hand Trucks

Traditionally, hand trucks have been a staple in various sectors, particularly in courier and logistics, distribution, and small format store environments. However, while they are versatile, hand trucks can pose significant safety risks to the user and those around them. Recognising these risks and selecting appropriate equipment that minimises safety concerns is crucial. In many cases, the right roll cage trolley can be a perfect alternative.

Roll cages offer numerous advantages over hand trucks, especially in terms of safety and usability. Let's explore how they enhance safety for both operators and everyone around them.


Safer for the Operator


Reduces Body and Back Strain

One of the primary risks associated with hand trucks is the physical strain they place on the operator. When shifting loads, a significant portion of the weight rests on the operator, potentially causing back, shoulder, and upper body injuries. Roll cage trolleys, on the other hand, distribute the load across four wheels, eliminating this strain. This is particularly important when transporting cargo over long distances, such as during courier deliveries in shopping centres, where sustained physical effort can lead to injury and lost time from work.


easy to manoeuvre

Cargo Stability

Hand trucks often struggle with cargo stability, especially on undulating and uneven surfaces. Because the load is supported by only two wheels on a single axle, it can easily become unstable. Roll cages, however, offer a more stable platform with four wheels and side panels that restrain the cargo, ensuring stability regardless of ground conditions. This stability is crucial in preventing accidents and injuries.


Load Capacity

While some industrial hand trucks can support loads exceeding 200kg, it is not ideal for the operator to bear this burden. With roll cages, the load is fully supported by the trolley, not the operator. This reduces the risk of injury and allows for safer and more efficient transport of heavy items.


Safer for Everyone Around



Hand trucks can be difficult to manoeuvre when under load, posing risks to both the operator and those sharing the space. Roll cages, with their superior turning radius, are easier to operate in shared and confined environments. This manoeuvrability enhances safety by reducing the likelihood of collisions and accidents.


Line of Sight

Loading hand trucks to capacity often compromises the operator's visibility, creating a major safety concern. Roll cages, designed to keep the cargo at a lower profile, ensuring a clear field of view. This improved visibility is essential in high-density working environments, preventing accidents and ensuring the safety of team members and customers.


Proactive Safety Measures


Implementing roll cages as an alternative to hand trucks is a proactive step toward enhancing workplace safety. By addressing the risks associated with hand trucks, businesses can reduce concerns, minimise costs related to lost time due to injuries, and create a safer environment for their team members and customers. Roll cages not only mitigate physical strain and enhance cargo stability but also improve manoeuvrability and visibility, making them a superior choice in various industries, including courier deliveries, logistics, warehouses, and back-of-house operations.

In conclusion, roll cages offer significant safety advantages over traditional hand trucks. By proactively adopting roll cages, businesses can safeguard their team members and customers, reduce risks, and avoid costs associated with workplace injuries and lost productivity. Embracing roll cages is a smart move towards a safer, more efficient working environment.


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