How to Navigate Efficiency and Safety Within Confined Store Environments

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Operating in tight spaces?
Prioritising the safety of your team and customers?
Dealing with the inconvenience of bulky, unused trolleys occupying valuable space?
Looking for a simple and cost-effective solution?


In the world of retail, the challenges of efficiently managing small format stores are ever-present. Daily tasks such as stock replenishment, order fulfilment, and maintaining a smooth workflow become serious challenges when operating within the constraints of limited space. However, fear not – there's a solution on the horizon!

Enter the game-changer: the compact, foldable roll cage by Anteck Industries! Tailored for environments with confined working and storage capacities, the RCS03 roll cage promises to revolutionise the way we approach efficiency in small-scale retail settings.


Versatility Unleashed

The applications of the RCS03 roll cage are as broad as the challenges it aims to tackle. Whether you're in warehousing, 3PL, liquor outlets, convenience stores, service stations, or pharmacies, this innovative solution is designed to handle any challenge with ease. Its small footprint enhances efficiency without compromising safety, making it an invaluable tool across various industries.

Efficiency Redefined

The RCS03 roll cage is not just a space-saving marvel; it's a versatile workhorse that excels in multiple functions. Use it for merchandising, order picking, mobile storage, click and collect, home delivery, despatch, or general retail and warehousing duties – the possibilities are limitless. Its adaptability makes it an essential asset for businesses aiming to streamline their operations in tight spaces.

 RSC folding roll cage to save space

The RCS03 roll cage easily folds to only 150mm wide. 3 folded units can be stacked and stored in 1 roll cage!  

Safety First

One of the standout features of the RCS03 is its commitment to safety. In comparison to conventional hand trucks, this foldable roll cage provides a safer alternative for team members and customers alike. With a smaller turning radius and low height, it's ideal for high-density stores with narrow aisles, reducing the risk of accidents and collisions. The RCS03 also minimises strain on the user while boasting an impressive 200kg load capacity, ensuring it can handle substantial workloads effortlessly.

Clear field of view
More manoeuvrable than traditional hand trucks
Maximising Efficiency

A key benefit of the RCS03 is its ability to maximise efficiency by reducing the number of trips required for various tasks. With a greater carrying capacity, businesses can significantly cut down on the time and effort spent on stock replenishment and order fulfilment. This not only saves valuable resources but also allows teams to focus on more critical aspects of their daily operations.

Customisation for Specific Jobs

The RCS03 roll cage doesn't just stop at efficiency and safety – it's also designed for customisation. With options like the drop-in shelf and collapsible crates, businesses can tailor the roll cage to specific job requirements. This flexibility ensures that the RCS03 seamlessly integrates into various workflows, making it an adaptable solution for the dynamic needs of small format stores.



The constant challenge of efficiently working in stores with confined spaces finds its match in the compact and foldable roll cage by Anteck Industries. The RCS03 is a game-changing solution that not only addresses the limitations of small-scale retail environments but elevates efficiency, safety, and adaptability to new heights. Embrace the future of streamlined operations with the RCS03 roll cage and witness the positive impact it can have on your business.


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